Cache (2005)

Director: Michael Haneke

Starring: Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil

Awards: European Film Awards: Best European Film, Director, Actor, Editor (2005)

As a lover of film scores, Cache, represented an interesting selection for me, as it has no score. Geniously shot in high-definition, the medium provides a mechanism of storytelling, as the audience is unwittingly and repeatedly placed in the POV of a stalker who leaves videotapes of his victims on their doorstep, causing thrilling and deadly results. The pace of the film never allows the viewer to feel comfortable with what they’re viewing, always second guessing whose perspective they’re viewing the world through.

The tension rises throughout the film as ghastly images and flashbacks plague the protagonist, but a strange amnesia keeps him from remembering what is linking all the things happening to him. A horrific and shocking scene at the end of the second act provides an inciteful metaphor for his hidden guilt, but never do we clearly see who the stalker is, rather like many good thrillers of the like, we are left with questions that fuel after cinema discussions. An interesting commentary on the big brother culture in which we all live. Someone can always be watching, hidden from view…

Other Notable Flms by this Director: Funny Games (1997), Funny Games (2008) – remake


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