May (2002)

Director: Lucky McKee

Starring: Angela Bettis, James Duval, Anna Faris

What would you recommend someone who is lonely and has no friends do? If you said make one up, then perhaps May is the film for you. In this quirky and dark movie both written and directed by Lucky McKee, May is a young women who is a little twisted and has a tough time making friends. The only friend May had while growing up was a doll given to her by her overbearing mother. A mother who demanded perfection despite her daughter being born with a lazy eye. As May reaches adulthood, she makes an attempt at making new friends only to find them all flawed one way or another. The solution May comes up with is morbidly intriguing as she sets out to make the perfect friend out of the best parts of her broken ones.

Filled with interesting characters, clever editing, and dark mood, May is a film that never bores.

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