Rififi (1955)

Director: Jules Dassin

Starring: Jean Servais

Slated for an Al Pacino remake in 2009, Rififi, one of the original heist movies has one of the most suspenseful and influential robbery sequences in film history. Helmed by one of the great film noir directors, Rififi (meaning brawling in French) follows Tony le Stephanois who recently out of the klink is looking to keep his nose clean. An appreciative former co-conspirator offers Tony an ill-formed jewel heist, which he is at first reluctant to become involved in, but then looks more promising after he catches his girlfriend sleeping with a local nightclub owner.

Tony plots and executes a perfect heist, drilling into the store from the apartment above and dropping in to crack the safe. A tense sequence follows with no music or dialogue and you really see the inspiration for later bank heist movies like The Getaway, Ocean’s 11, and The Italian Job. The film doesn’t end there as the crew slips up and a blackmail by the jealous nightclub owner costs the crew their fortunes and their lives.

Other Notable Films by this Director: The Naked City (1948), Brute Force (1947)

Watch the trailer and enjoy the RAW SEX…1955 style, powerful.


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